When do I use Chalk Couture Paste VS. Ink? 

Have you jumped into Chalk Couture and are ready to create unique home decor and craft projects? Chalk Couture can be so much fun to create and personalize DIY projects!! How do you know when to use Chalk Couture paste VS ink for a project? I use the chalkology paste about 95% of the time but there is a time and place for ink. Knowing when to use Chalk Couture Paste versus Ink can be important in achieving the desired effect on your chosen surface. Here are some guidelines on when to use each:

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I’ll start with the chalkology paste since you’ll use it most. The paste is semi-permanent. Meaning it will go on wet and dries a hard consistency. Once it’s dry, the paste will remain on the surface until you’re ready to remove it. You can touch it without smudging, dust it, etc and it won’t come off. Our foundation products are chalkboards that are made to be refreshed and that’s why I love them. You can use the same surface over and over with different designs for a certain style or season. Once you’re ready for a new design simply wet the paste down with water and remove it with a paper towel or our paste scraper from the surface. Simple and creative!! 

Now, of course, you know DIY gals are not going to stop using a product the “recommended” way. We’ve been busy experimenting and found out you can use the paste on just about any hard surface. The saying in the Chalk Couture community is “If it’s still long enough. It will probably get chalked.” haha… Our community is full of DIYers that have probably been DIYing longer than I’ve been alive. LOL…. Anyway, they discovered you can use the silk screen transfers and paste onto the chalkboards, wood, glass, metal, furniture, etc.. To make paste permanent simply use a Sprayer Sealer. Chalk Couture is so versatile and pretty much used on every surface. 


Now, I only use ink on items I want to wash in the washing machine or dishwasher without the design being removed. This could be for pillows, ceramic coffee mugs, T-shirts, baby clothes, tea towels, etc. To make the design permanent it needs to be heat set in the oven, Handheld Clothing Iron  or cricut heat press.

  • For oven-safe items follow the heat set instructions.
  • For items that go into the washing machine follow the heat set instructions.

Bonus – Etching

Did you know you could also etch glass with silk screen transfers? It’s very similar to using ink as it is a permanent way to keep a design on a surface. Learn how to use Chalk Couture on Glass.

Okay, I gave the quick run-through of when to use Chalk Couture paste vs. Inks. Plus a bonus application of etching cream.


Q: Does chalk paste wash off?

Yes, you can clean the surface by gently wiping it with a damp cloth or sponge.

Q: Can you use chalk paste on glass?

Yes, you can use chalk paste on glass. It won’t be permanent and will wash off. If you want to make the design permanent you will want to use the Chalk Couture Inks.

The simplest way to remember is to use paste unless you want to wash the product after the design has been added. 

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