Gobble til you wobble is always my game plan for Thanksgiving! How about y’all? 

Fair warning ⚠️ I repeated myself several times in this video. I did the same thing at Chick-Fil-A today and tried to apologize to the cashier. She said ‘That’s okay, I’ve been doing that myself today. We’re just going to blame it on the change in weather.’ And that’s how I gained another Chick-Fil-A best buddy! 😂😂🤣😂😂

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This turkey design is so adorable. It reminds me of my kids bringing home their Thanksgiving school projects. 


With using the paste, I’m making this design semipermanent. Meaning it won’t smudge like regular chalk and the magic is it will come off with just water. I always recommend testing the back of the project by applying the chalk paste in a small area and making sure you can remove it with water. 

Can I make the Chalk Couture design permanent?

The good thing about this is you can actually make the design permanent if you can heat set the platter. To do this you would simply apply the chalkology ink in the same manner I did the paste. And follow the heat setting instructions….

  1. Let the ink completely dry on the platter. 
  2. Sit the platter in the oven. 
  3. Turn the oven on to 350 degrees.
  4. Let it ‘bake’ for 30 min. 
  5. Turn the oven off.
  6. Let the item cool down in the oven. 

Now the design is permanent and can be washed. Follow the washing instruction of the item. If it’s dishwasher safe. The ink is dishwasher safe. 

Note: If the ink feels a little sticky after the platter cools down. I recommend repeating the heat setting steps again. 

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