If you’re looking to add a touch of creativity to your wardrobe, using Chalk Couture ink on shirts is a fun and easy way to do it. With its vibrant colors and versatile application, Chalk Couture ink can help you create a unique and personalized design on your shirt that will stand out from the rest. I’ll teach you how to use Chalk Couture ink on shirts with our T Shirt stencil kit and give you some tips on how to achieve the best results. This is the perfect Dollar Tree item to ink for beginners!

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Before we get started, it’s important to note that Chalk Couture was created to primarily be used on chalkboards, but it has evolved to be used on a variety of other surfaces, including fabric.

Most people think of Chalk Couture transfers as stencils. What makes them unique is they actually have a silkscreen within the design which is how it provides clean crisp designs that a stencil can not. This makes it perfect to create T-Shirts screen printing method you can do at home. When using Chalk Couture ink on fabric, you’ll need to use a heat setting method to set the ink in place. Let’s dive in.

How to use Chalk Couture ink on shirts

T-Shirt Stencil Kit Crafts Materials Needed:

DIY T Shirt Stencil Kit Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Prep the Shirt for Chalk Couture T Shirt Kit Stencil

Start by removing any sizing or finishes that may interfere with the transfer process. Iron it to remove any wrinkles. Place Chalk Coutre Ink Mat inside the shirt to prevent the ink from bleeding through to the other side and moving.

Step 2: Apply the Chalk Couture Transfer / Stencil Design

Place the Chalk Couture inspirational quote stencils / transfer design of your choice on the shirt, making sure it is centered and straight. Use your hands to press the transfer onto the shirt, ensuring that it adheres firmly and there are no wrinkles in the transfer or shirt.

Step 3: Apply the Chalk Couture Ink On A Shirt

Add a small amount of Chalk Couture ink onto your squeegee. Spread the ink onto the stencil design, making sure to cover the entire design with an even layer of ink using light pressure. Be careful not to apply too much ink or it may bleed.

Step 4: Remove the Chalk Couture Inspirational Quote Stencils

Make sure your hands are clean before touching another part of the shirt. Carefully peel off the transfer while the ink is still wet. If any areas of the design are not fully covered, touch them up before you completely remove the transfer/ stencil. Once the transfer/stencil is off, allow the ink to dry completely. I normally wait 24 hours before starting the next step.

Step 5: Heat Set

There are two options to heat set the ink on the shirts

  • Option 1 – How do you heat set Chalk Couture ink with a iron?:  Use a handheld clothing iron and parchment paper to make the design permanent. Place the parchment paper over the design and iron over the parchment paper for four minutes. Make sure to move the iron so it doesn’t burn the fabric. Repeat the steps on the back. 
  • Option 2 – How do you heat set Chalk Couture ink with a Cricut heat press?: Use the Cricut heat press and parchment paper. Heat the heat press to 305 degrees, place the parchment paper over the design, and place the heat press on the design for 30 sec. Repeat the steps for the back. 

Now, the design is permanently on the fabric and can be washed according to garment care. 

Remove the parchment paper and allow the shirt to cool completely. If desired, you can add additional designs or embellishments to the shirt. Once you’re happy with your design, your shirt is ready to wear!

Step 6: Clean Chalk Couture Transfer After Inking

How to clean Chalk Couture transfers after you use Chalk Couture ink? You simply use warm water to wash off the ink. Once it is all off lays the transfer upside down to dry. Once it’s dry place it back on the white backer sheet with the sticky and shiny side together.

Tips for Best Results Using Chalk Couture Ink On Shirts:

  • Use a shirt made of cotton or a cotton blend for the best results.
  • For a beginner, Choose a transfer design with clean lines and simple shapes for easier application.
  • Apply the ink in thin, even layers to prevent bleeding.
  • Be careful not to overheat the ink during the heat-setting process, which can cause the colors to fade or change.
  • I highly recommend you at least try Chalk Couture on a chalkboard with chalk paste first before you try it on fabric using ink. Although Chalk Couture is an easy craft you can do at home. It’s much easier to try on a chalkboard with paste first because you can simply wash it off and try again. If you mess up with the Chalk Couture ink you basically need to get a new shirt and start over. That would be a bummer!

How To Use Chalk Couture Ink On Shirts Youtube Tutorial

How To Use Chalk Couture Ink on Shirts

This “Good Vibes Only” t-shirt is now one of my favorite yoga shirts! I love it’s something I created at home and can actually enjoy using it! It really does make the best dollar tree item to ink for beginners because if you mess up it only cost a $1 (when it was actually the dollar store). LOL

Now it’s your turn to create you own Good vibes DIY tee shirt printing with this how to use Chalk Couture ink on shirts step-by-step guide.

Chalk Couture T-Shirt Kit Ideas For Summer 2023

Chalk Couture Ideas For Summer

Grab your favorite T-Shirt and create a unique T-Shirt at home with Chalk Couture inspirational quote stencils and Chalk Couture ink.

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Check out all Summer 2023 Chalk Couture Ideas! Adorable !!!

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Q: Can I use Chalk Couture ink on dark-colored shirts?

Yes, you can use Chalk Couture ink on dark-colored shirts, but you’ll need to use light-colored inks to ensure that the ink shows up well.

Q: How do I care for my Chalk Couture ink shirt?

Once you heat set the Chalk Couture ink, you can care for the shirt by following the care instructions on the garment itself.

Q: Is Chalk Couture ink permanent?

Chalk Couture Ink is not considered to be a permanent ink. However, it can be made more permanent by heat-setting the ink.

Q: What can you use Chalk Couture ink on?

Chalk Couture Ink is a versatile medium that can be used on a variety of surfaces. I recommend using it on fabrics, glass, and ceramics. For all other surfaces, I use the Chalk Couture paste.

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