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Meet the Chalk Couture designer in Arkansas, a chalk furniture paint enthusiast, and DIY crafter turning a hobby into a full blown passion of craft therapy.

Hello, My name is Gwyn

I am a DIY craft and home blogger delivering some amazingly easy art therapy ideas for adults such as Chalk Couture ideas, Dollar Tree makeovers, chalk painted furniture ideas, and coloring pages for adults. All provide an easy craft project to help with stress relief. I help crafters enjoy crafting again with easy crafts you can do at home. I enjoy blogging about DIY crafts using Chalk Couture stencils, chalk paint and printable wall art to decorate your home in the “foxiest” style.

Most importantly …. I love the giggles of excitement from my customers when they complete a DIY craft project in 3 easy steps they can proudly display in their own homes or give as a gift.

Let’s talk about how it all started…

My love for Do It Yourself (DIY)  … 

As a kid, I always enjoyed doing home decor crafts to decorate my bedroom but never put much thought into it becoming more.

After becoming a single mom, I moved into a new home with the kids.  It became clear I needed to figure out how to furnish my new home with champagne taste on a beer budget. I started watching Craigslist (yes, that was the big thing at that time. Hahah ), going to garage sales, auctions, etc…. Don’t you love a good deal?  I wasn’t even really clear on what my style was or even the direction I wanted to go. I just started buying things I liked. I started with the “must haves” and then went into making things more ‘pretty’. I soon learned my taste was more traditional style as it matched my home. I’ve been told when I sell my home I should sell it furnished as all the furnishing and decor match the home perfectly. That made my heart smile !!

There were lots of good deals I passed up simply because I didn’t like the finish. After my biological mom passed away suddenly, I found a hobby in chalk painted furniture. It wasn’t something I dreamt of doing. It all started because I picked up an antique dresser really cheap. I liked the style but when I got it home it wasn’t as “aesthetically” pleasing as I thought.  To fit in with the rest of the furnishings it needed a chalk painted furniture makeover. I considered asking a professional to do it. Ultimately, I decided this ‘girl’ would be my first chalk painted furniture project piece and ultimately my craft therapy. I fell in love with upcycling furniture from the thrift store and other furniture pieces headed to the landfill.

Now what? That’s when the learning began. What style, what type of paint? How much work did I want to put into it? Lots of things to consider. Thankfully, lots of bloggers had gone before me and I was able to start the journey with a little more confidence. It quickly became my favorite pastime and I soon started selling all the extra pieces to help pay to furnish my house. I sold my pieces at local antique and boutique shops. Most sold within a week. YEA!! For me! My hard work paid off and I fell in love with using chalk painted furniture makeovers.

There was still one piece missing… The coordinating pieces.. 

How do I make a sign or picture that would complement my chalk painted furniture piece/style? I bought a Cricut machine. I watched videos, read blogs, and was pretty tech-savvy. But for some reason, it never “clicked” for me.

Some amazingly talented ladies are whizzes with their Cricut and Silhouette machines. I’ve actually owned both and let’s not talk about how much I spent on the software and designs. It all just sits there!! 

Drum Roll, please.. Several years later. I saw my blogger friend using Chalk Couture on a home decor project. She made it look so easy. At first, I thought she had made it on her machine but it was different. It was reusable, predesigned, flexible, and adhesive stencil. Like a cross between a stencil and a Cricut design. Um… I was interested but super skeptical.  Basically, she pulled it out of the package and whipped up an adorable home decor project in 15 minutes. I thought to myself “No way!”. There’s gotta be something else to this.

So what does anyone do when they see something they want??  I waited …and waited and watched and watched and watched… skeptical.. Could this really be what I’ve been looking for???

YES!! I finally took the plunge and subscribed to the Couture Club. Well, my excitement got to me and before I even received the first order I ordered the Chalk Couture designer kit and became a Chalk Couture Designer.

FYI… You can now join as a designer for under $10 for the basic business kit and receive 40% off retail.

YEA! I thought I was crazy too!! LOL…

 I received my order and tried it the same day. I had waited long enough!! It worked exactly like my designer friend did it!! Put it on the surface, chalk it with the squeegee, wash it and it’s ready to use again. It was so easy!! 

It saved me so much time and I still looked so professional!

A whole new ballgame to my DIY home decor and craft booth experience!! 

It made my crafting time fun and easy again! I also loved it was another “chalk” product to use! Score again!!

Thank you for being here with me today.  I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for DIY Craft therapy. Catch me on your favorite social media channel to find out about my next DIY craft project! I promise it’s going to be an easy and fun one!!

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