Hello, Thank you for joining me today. Let me walk you through the top question I get asked about Chalk Couture Silk-Screen Transfer™.

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Chalk Couture Transfer FAQ’s

It looks like a stencil. Why do you call it a silk-screen transfer?

It’s a cross between a stencil and a silk screen used for printing T-Shirts. They come as predesigned adhesive stencils. The difference is they’re made of a fabric which makes it flexible to use on almost any surface. They have a screen print within the design which is how we get the clean and crisp design.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Chalk Couture Transfer

Benefits Of Using Chalk Couture Transfer

  • They come pre-designed and ready to create. No machines are required. View all of the Chalk Couture designs in my online craft store.  
  • Made of fabric so they’re flexible and easy to use. 
  • It has an adhesive back so it will adhere to the surface to avoid smeared designs. 
  • The design area has a screen within the design.  That’s how the design comes out clean and clear. 
  • Reusable up to a dozen times. (sometimes more if you take care of them). 
  • They work on just about any surface (chalkboards, wood surfaces, fabric, canvas, etc..). 
  • To take care of them, simply wash them after each use with water, let them dry, and put them back on the white sheet. 
  • All orders are shipped to your door in US and Canada.  
  • Simple to create with and Simple to clean!!

If you can dream it … you can create it with a Chalk Couture transfer easily!!

How do I clean my Chalk Transfer™?

Use cool water to wash your Transfer immediately after use. Do not let your Transfer soak in standing water for a long period of time, as it will remove the stickiness on the backing. After rinsing the Transfer with cool water, make sure to remove all the chalk paste or ink, and dry it by laying it face-down with the sticky side up on a level surface. We recommend you use a dish drying mat because they absorb excess water quickly. Once the Transfer is dry, reattach the shiny side of the paper backer to the sticky side of the Transfer, which is the preferred way to store your Transfer. You may want to use a disinfecting wipe to clean off your Transfer and remove any excess residue. This also rejuvenates the sticky side of the Transfer. Do NOT use baby wipes, as they ruin the Transfer over time.

How long will my Chalk Transfer™ last?

Transfers are designed to use multiple times but are not unlimited use. On solid surfaces and with proper care, we estimate you can use your Transfer between 8 and 12 times before the adhesive is no longer sticky. Several factors affect the life of the Transfer—for example, how well you clean it, if you reattach it to the backer, and the types of surfaces you use. If you use the Transfer on raw wood, the wood tends to stick to the Transfer. Unwaxed surfaces or surfaces with fibers (fabrics and papers) will also shorten the life of a Transfer.

How should I store my Chalk Transfer™?

Ensure your Transfers are completely dry prior to storage. Some suggestions for storage include using the original Transfer packaging, an art portfolio, pant hangers to hang them, or storing them flat in a drawer. Experiment to discover what works best for you!

What is ‘fuzzing’ and when do I need to do it?

The surface you are applying the Chalk Couture Transfer affects how well the Transfer sticks. The fuzzing cloth helps the Transfer from being hard to take off a surface. Sometimes the adhesive on the transfer can be really sticky. Which makes it hard to get off the surface after you complete the project and may even cause you to stretch out the design. To prevent this, I highly recommend ‘fuzzing’ a transfer if used on glass, mirrors, windows, or other slick surfaces. Use our Fuzzing Cloth, terry cloth towel, or comparable material to put the Transfer on. Peel off and on the fuzzing cloth a few times before applying it to the actual surface. After application, ensure you clean all the “fuzz fibers” from the Transfer by simply washing it under water.

Can it be used with Chalk Paste and Ink?

Yes, you can use both the chalk paste and ink on a Chalk Couture transfer. You clean it the same way as stated above.

Can I resell the items I create with Chalk Couture?

Yes, you can resell the item you create with Chalk Couture. All designs come with a commercial license. You’re able to sell all the items you personally create with the designs.

How Many Different Sizes Of Chalk Couture Transfers Are There?

There are 5 different chalk couture transfer sizes to choose from.

  • A – 5 X 7
  • B – 8.5 X 11
  • C – 12 X 18 
  • D – 18 X 18 
  • E – 18 X 24

What size Chalk Couture surface should I buy to fit the silk-screen transfer?

In general, when using the design as-is the following surface sizes will work.

Transfer / Surface

  • 5 X 7 / 5 X 7 ( Small ) 
  • 8.5 X 11 / 9 X 12 (Medium )
  • 12 X 18 / 12 X 18 ( Large )
  • 18 X 18 / 18 X 18 ( Large )
  • 18 X 24 / 18 X 24 ( X-Large )

Note: If the silk-screen transfer has multiple designs as some of the large and X-Large transfers do. You may be able to use a smaller surface. Please feel free to reach out to me and ask for assistance when creating your order.

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