Are you a fan of DIY crafts home decor, you may have heard of a popular crafting trend called Chalk Couture. But what is Chalk Couture exactly, and why are so many people jumping on the bandwagon? Let’s explore the most popular Chalk Couture ideas to create personalized and unique home decor items from the comfort of your own home this summer.

What is Chalk Couture?

Chalk Couture is a crafting trend that involves the use of chalk paste and self adhesive stencils, called transfers, to create custom designs on a variety of surfaces. Chalk paste is a water-soluble medium that can be used on surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, fabric, and more. Transfers are adhesive stencils that can be used to create precise designs with chalk paste, Chalk Couture Ink, and glass etching. The transfers can be reused multiple times and come in various designs and sizes. The adhesive stencil saves you time and provides a cleaner design for your craft projects.

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Chalk Couture Ideas

Chalk Couture can be used in a variety of ways to create personalized and unique home decor items. Here are the latest stencil kit designs and 14 popular Chalk Couture ideas:

14 Chalk Couture ideas for Summer craft projects.

14 Chalk Couture Ideas For Summer 2023

Chalk Couture just released their 2023 Summer Catalog and it is chalked full of great craft project ideas to celebrate summer with friends and family. Here are some Chalk Couture ideas to get you started.

Chalk Couture Chalkboard Summer Ideas

Chalk Couture Chalkboard stencils / transfers are so easy to create Chalkboard signs and change out for a new trend or season!

You may also enjoy learning how to create ombre letters with chalk paste.

Chalk Couture Ideas Chalkboard - Love Knows No End - A2224326 Summer
Chalk Couture Wood Sign - Shut the front door - C2224323 Summer

Chalk Couture Wood Sign

Our stencils for wood signs are perfect for creating beautiful DIY wood signs with word stencils / transfers.

Learn how easy it is to create a DIY wood sign with Chalk Couture in this step-by-step tutorial using our gnome stencil.

Summer Tiered Tray Ideas

Creator Notes: Chalk Couture tiered tray frame of the Tiered Tray Essentials’ box frame was painted using watered-down Peachy Keen chalk paste. Painted the frame of the Double-Sided Box Frame (5″ X 7″) with watered-down Candy Apple chalk paste, and repeated the floral pattern on the surface of it.

Chalk Couture Tired Tray - With A Cherry On Top - B23302345 Summer

Chalk Couture Metal

S’mores the merrier! Pick up your favorite metal surface and start creating memories!

Chalk Couture Canvas Wall Art

Grab your own 9″ X 12″ canvas and start creating with our easy-to-use stencils.

Creator’s Notes: Painted the canvas with watered-down Couture Teal, Guava, Peach Cobbler, and Peachy Keen.

Chalk Couture Canvas Wall Art - Something Good - B23207338 Summer
Chalk Couture Journals - Anywhere with You Collection—Travel Stamps Minis - B2224352 Summer

Chalk Couture DIY Handmade Journals

Creator’s Notes: Placement Tape (T183101) was used to create angled stripes along the notebook binding with Cadet and Candy Apple chalk paste. One of the notebooks was painted with watered-down Camel chalk paste.

Best Results: Add a small amount of wax to the journal before placing your Chalk Couture transfer design onto the journal.

Chalk Couture Wood Cutouts

Creators Notes: The heart wood cutout surface was painted with watered-down Dune, then waxed before chalking. The heart stencil was applied on top with camel chalk paste. Macrame rope was hot-glued to the back of the surface and then cut to the desired shape at the bottom.

Chalk Couture Corkboard - Anywhere with You Collection—Home - C2224328 Summer

Chalk Couture Corkboard

Grab an (18″ X 18″) corkboard and start your next traveling craft project.

Creator’s Notes: Angled stripes along the top and bottom edge were added using Chalk-Suede™ paper, which was painted with watered-down Cadet and Candy Apple chalk paste.

Chalk Couture Pillows

Creator’s Notes: The pillow was taped off and painted with watered-down Mauvelous ink.

Click to view Step-By-Step Instructions to create a Chalk Couture Pillow with Chalk Couture Ink.

Chalk Couture Pillows - Vacation Homebody - B23302348 Summer
Chalk Couture Bags - Vacation Homebody - B23302348 Summer

Chalk Couture Bags

Grab your favorite canvas bag and get started creating your own unique Chalk Couture Canvas Bag.

Chalk Couture Shirts

Grab your favorite T-Shirt and create a unique T-Shirt at home with Chalk Couture stencils and Chalk Couture ink.

Watch the online video tutorial to create your own chalk couture shirt.

Chalk Couture Fabric - Just Go - A2111125 Summer

Chalk Couture Fabric

Grab your favorite canvas makeup bag and create a unique bag at home with Chalk Couture stencils and Chalk Couture ink.

Chalk Couture Mugs

Grab your favorite ceramic mug and create a unique mug at home with Chalk Couture stencils and Chalk Couture ink.

You may also enjoy Step By Step Instructions for creating Chalk Couture mugs with heat set instructions.

Chalk Couture Glass

Chalk Couture transfers can be used with etching cream to create a unique design. Learn more with Step-by-Step instructions on how to etch on glass.

Yellow Round Sign Information

Yellow Sign Creators Notes: The surface was painted with watered-down Bumblebee. The popsicles were then chalk-pasted in layers, using Tide as the base layer. Couture Teal, Raspberry Sorbet, Orange Peel, and Wild Lime were added on top.

Chalk Couture is a versatile and fun crafting trend that can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces. From glass to furniture, the possibilities are endless. With these 14 creative craft ideas, you can use Chalk Couture to create personalized and unique items for your home or as gifts. So, grab your chalk paste and transfers and get ready to unleash your creativity with Chalk Couture! Remember to clean your surfaces well before applying the transfers / stencils, use a squeegee to apply the paste evenly, and don’t let the paste dry before removing the transfer to reveal your design. With a little practice, you’ll be amazed at what you can create with Chalk Couture. Happy crafting!

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How many times does Chalk Couture update the designs of their transfers / stencils?

Chalk Couture has 7 release dates scheduled every year including Jan, Feb, Apr, June, July, Sep, and Dec.

How much does it cost to start Chalk Couture?

You can get started with Chalk Couture for as little as $9.99 in the US.

How long has Chalk Couture been around?

Chalk Couture officially launched on July 1st, 2017.

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