When it comes to creating a warm and inviting fall atmosphere for your home, few things make a better impression than a carefully crafted fall welcome sign adorning your front porch. A personalized welcome sign not only adds a touch of charm but also showcases your unique style to all who visit. Let’s walk you through the steps of how to make welcome signs for front porch fall decor with diy palette knife painting on wood technique and hello autumn stencil kit for beginners that stands out. Let’s dive in into the world of DIY fall home decor using wood signs.

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How To Make Welcome Signs For Front Porch fall decorations.
How To Make Welcome Signs For Front Porch Fall Decorations.

Supplies To Prep Round Wooden Fall Door Signs

  • Local Hardware Store
    • 18″ wooden round sign. (I bought mine at Home Depot in the lumber department.)
    • Material To hang sign with.
  • Dollar Tree
    • Palette Knives – (I bought mine at Dollar Tree. You can find them at craft stores and amazon. )
    • Paint brush
    • Sand paper (if needed)
  • Sherwin Williams
    • Two Paint colors – I used yellow and rust for this project. 
  • Amazon

Designing Your Fall Welcome Sign

Before you begin crafting, decide on the design and layout of your welcome sign. Consider the overall aesthetic of your home and front porch. Whether you prefer a rustic, modern, or traditional look, the design should resonate with your personal style.

Sanding for Smoothness

Smooth the edges and surfaces of the cut wood using sandpaper. This step not ensures a polished final look. Also prevents any splinters and helps the Chalk Couture adhesive fall stencil adhere correctly.

Applying a Base Coat

Apply a 1-2 coats of paint (outdoor or chalk) to the wood. The number of coats will vary depending on paint type and will be a personal preference. This will act as a protective layer and provide a smooth surface for your design. Allow the paint to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

DIY Palette Knife painting technique Youtube Online Tutorial

I walk you through the palette knife painting technique in this online video. This DIY painting technique is one you just have to try and perfect over time.

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Supplies: Stencils For Wood Signs For Fall Door Decorations

Adding Your Personalized Touch To DIY Sign Hello Autumn Welcome Sign

Here comes the fun part – adding your unique design to your DIY sign hello autumn welcome sign! Choose colors that complement your home’s exterior and evoke a welcoming vibe and add the fall stencils for wood signs for fall decor…

  1. Apply Chalk Couture surface wax once the paint is dry.
  2. Fuzz the silk screen stencils for wood signs with the fuzzing cloth and position onto the sign. The fuzzing helps the Chalk Couture transfer not be so sticky when lifting off the wood sign.
  3. Add small amounts of black chalk paste all over the stencil design.
  4. Take the squeegee to smear the chalk paste on to the wood sign.
  5. Once the fall stencil design is covered with chalk paste remove any excess chalk paste and put it back in the jar.
  6. Carefully, remove the stencil from the wood sign to prevent smudging.

How To Make A Wooden Door Hanger Youtube Online Video

Sealing the Hello Autumn Porch Signs Design

Once your chalk paste has dried, seal the design with a clear outdoor spray sealer. This step shields your artwork from the effects of the weather, ensuring your welcome sign remains vibrant and appealing.

Silk Screen Stencils For Wood Signs
Silk Screen Stencils For Wood Signs

Attaching Hanging Hardware

To hang your welcome sign, attach suitable hardware to the back. D-rings or sawtooth hangers are excellent choices, providing stability and easy installation.

Designing and creating a welcome sign for your front porch is a delightful way to add a personal touch to your home’s exterior. By following these steps, on how to make welcome signs for front porch fall decor with diy palette knife painting on wood technique and hello autumn stencil kit for beginners that reflects your style and sets a warm tone for anyone who crosses your threshold. Get started on this enjoyable DIY fall home decor using wood sign and make your front porch truly shine with hospitality!

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