The BEST Diy mirror Idea For DIY Crafters to try Now!

Hello!! Hope you’re doing well today !! Have you ever had a mirror you loved the frame but the wall needed a picture instead? In this Youtube tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to make homemade wall decoration ideas for your living room. This is a great DIY mirror idea! We’ll upcycle a mirror into DIY wall decor without paint and the mess. Are you ready to get started with some DIY decor for your walls?

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Basically, I started with a framed mirror that I’ve been wanting to change forever. I love the frame but wanted a home decor design for my fireplace mantel. I didn’t want to tape it off and spray it with paint so I came up with the idea to cover it with chalkboard contact paper. It was fairly simple. Let me walk you through the steps…

Supplies: To create the chalkboard

First, cut the chalkboard contact paper to fit the mirror. I cut the contact paper into strips for this project. 

Secondly, Adhere it to the mirror by taking off the white backing sheet. Place it on the mirror in sections to make it easier. Using a credit card helps remove the air bubbles as I mentioned in the above video. I used a Pampered Chef scraper. 

Walla!! You now have a chalkboard and are ready for the design!!

Supplies – Add a Design

Place the design on the mirror. Don’t worry it adheres to the chalkboard contact paper just fine. Add the white paste with a squeegee. Remove the design! 

Now, Add a wreath of your choice to have it all come together.

There you have it!! A chalkboard with an awesome design!! Wasn’t that so easy? I promise it was!!

In this next video, I updated the Farmhouse home decor design. It’s a quick video to walk you through using Chalk Couture silk screen transfers.  I really wish this rooster design was still available but it’s retired. (sad face!!) It’s one of my favorites!! We do have over 250+ designs to choose from so I’m sure you’ll find one that’s your favorite. 

First, wash off the previous design with water.

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