Are you planning a boho-inspired wedding in the enchanting backdrop of nature during the crisp autumn season? Look no further! I’ll share some simple outdoor fall wedding ideas to help you create a dreamy boho atmosphere for your special day. 

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Recently one of my family members married her high school sweetheart. It was a beautiful wedding and in perfect boho wedding style. Outdoor fall foliage is amazingly beautiful for a wedding ceremony backdrop. Here are some boho wedding decor ideas that inspired the simple outdoor fall wedding.  

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Boho Chic Wedding Decor Ideas


From Boho wedding décor DIY projects to charming details, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

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Embrace the Natural Beauty

When it comes to a boho wedding, nature is your best friend. Take advantage of the stunning fall foliage by choosing an outdoor venue such as a garden, vineyard, or rustic barn. Let the colorful leaves and natural surroundings set the stage for your bohemian celebration.


Bohemian Wedding in the Georgia Woods

DIY Wedding Arch

Create a captivating focal point for your outdoor fall wedding ceremony with a boho wedding arch and pampas grass. You can make your own using hoop backdrop and pampas grass. Adorn it with fresh flowers, dried leaves, and feathers for a whimsical touch.

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DIY Wooden Wedding Arch Triangle


Boho Wedding Seating Ideas

Encourage your guests to relax and enjoy the festivities by setting up cozy seating areas. Arrange vintage sofas, colorful rugs, and floor cushions to create an inviting atmosphere. Add blankets and throw pillows in warm autumn hues to keep your guests cozy during the cooler evening hours.


Wedding Seating Chart


Dollar Tree Wedding Seating Chart

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Dreamy Wedding Lighting

Enhance the romantic ambiance of your outdoor fall wedding with dreamy lighting. Hang string lights above the reception area and dance floor for a magical effect. Use lanterns, candles, and fairy lights to create a warm and intimate atmosphere as the sun sets.

50 Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas


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Natural, Organic, And Simple Wedding Tablescapes

For a boho-inspired wedding, opt for natural and organic tablescapes. Use wooden or rattan chargers as the base and add vintage plates and mismatched glassware for a charming touch. Incorporate elements like pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves, and wildflowers to bring the beauty of the season to your tables.

Click Now For DIY Boho Wedding Sign Lookbook

Easy DIY Wedding Hoop Arch For Tablescape


DIY Boho Wedding Centerpieces

Get creative and save some money by crafting your own boho centerpieces with DIY boho wedding decor. Use mason jars or antique vases and fill them with dried flowers, feathers, branches, and wheat stalks. Tie rustic twine or lace around the vases for an added bohemian flair.

DIY Boho Wedding Centerpieces Tiered Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece by cassiebustamante
DIY Boho Wedding Centerpieces Tiered Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece by cassiebustamante

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DIY Pampas Grass Centerpiece


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Macrame Wedding Ideas

Macrame is a quintessential element of boho style. Incorporate macramé into your wedding décor by hanging handmade macramé backdrops, chair covers, or table runners. You can also use macramé plant hangers as unique wedding favors.


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Fall Wedding Favors On A Budget

Surprise your guests with thoughtful fall-inspired wedding favors. Consider mini jars of homemade apple butter, personalized hot cider mix packets, or small potted succulents wrapped in burlap. These charming gifts will remind your guests of your special day and the beauty of the fall season.


Boho Bridal Dress

For the bride, a boho-inspired wedding calls for flowing dresses with lace details, flutter sleeves, or delicate embroidery. Complete the look with a flower crown or a loose, romantic updo adorned with dried flowers. Grooms can opt for relaxed, earth-toned suits or even mix and match pieces for a bohemian vibe.


DIY BOHO Wedding Dress


Fall Bridesmaid Dresses Different Colors

Can bridesmaids wear different color dresses? For the bridesmaids, keeping the style the same and having the bridesmaids wear a different color dress is the secret. Each bridesmaid can choose a color that complimented them the best.

fall bridesmaid dresses different colors
Fall Bridesmaid Dresses Different Colors Photo By Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographers Joy & Light

Interactive Guest Activities For Boho Wedding

Engage your guests with interactive activities that reflect the boho spirit. Set up a DIY flower crown station, where guests can create their own floral headpieces. Provide a polaroid camera and a guestbook where attendees can take pictures and leave heartfelt messages.

13 Wedding Reception Ideas

simple outdoor fall wedding ideas Pumpkin-checkers-and-tic-tax-toe
simple outdoor fall wedding ideas Pumpkin-checkers-and-tic-tax-toe by himisspuff

Whimsical Photo Booth Wedding

Create a whimsical DIY photo booth area where guests can capture memorable moments. Use free wooden pallets to create a rustic wedding photo booth. Provide props like boho-inspired hats, feathered accessories, and quirky signs for guests to use while striking a pose. This will add an element of fun and entertainment to your outdoor fall wedding DIY photo booth using wooden pallets.


Fall-inspired Food and Drinks

Incorporate the flavors of the season into your wedding menu. Serve warm apple cider, pumpkin spice cocktails, and cozy soups or stews as appetizers. Offer a dessert table with a variety of pies, cinnamon-spiced treats, and caramel apples. These delectable fall-inspired delights will satisfy your guests’ taste buds and enhance the autumn atmosphere.

Fall Snack Ideas

100+ Fall Snack Ideas For Ladies Night Out

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fall drink ideas

110 Best Fall Drinks: From Whiskey to Hot Chocolate – Sip Your Way Through Autumn!

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Outdoor Dance Floor

Create a magical dancing experience by setting up an outdoor dance floor under the stars. String lights, lanterns, and fairy lights will provide a whimsical glow. Add hay bales around the dance floor for a rustic touch and encourage everyone to let loose and dance the night away.

Fall Natural Aisle Decorations

Make your walk down the aisle even more enchanting by incorporating natural elements. Line the aisle with fallen leaves, scattered petals, or small pumpkins. Tie bundles of dried lavender or herbs to the chairs for a fragrant touch. These simple yet charming decorations will create a beautiful pathway for your grand entrance.


Boho Wedding Signage

Guide your guests and add a personal touch with boho-inspired wedding signage. Use wooden boards, chalkboards, or vintage frames to display signs with handwritten calligraphy. Direct guests to different areas, such as the ceremony, reception, or photo booth, and include romantic quotes or lyrics that resonate with your love story with DIY boho wedding decor.

diy wedding signs Pick a seat not a side we're all family once the know is tied.
Chalk Couture Wedding Ideas – Diy Chalkboard Signs – Boho Wedding Signage by gwynsfoxynest

With these simple outdoor fall wedding ideas, you can create a boho-inspired celebration that embraces the beauty of nature and the enchantment of the autumn season with DIY boho wedding decor. From rustic ceremony arches to DIY centerpieces, each element will contribute to the overall ambiance of your special day. Remember to infuse your personal style and creativity into every detail, making it a wedding that truly reflects your love story.

81 BOHO Wedding Ideas


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What NWA Wedding Photographers Were Used For This Northwest Arkansas Wedding?

They used Northwest Arkansas wedding photographers Joy & Light Photography for the simple fall wedding.

Q2: How can I incorporate DIY elements into my boho wedding decor?

A: You can incorporate DIY elements into your boho wedding decor by creating your own centerpieces, signage, and backdrops. Use natural materials like branches, feathers, and dried flowers for a rustic bohemian touch.

Q3: What are some fall-inspired wedding favor ideas?

A: Fall-inspired wedding favor ideas include mini jars of homemade apple butter, personalized hot cider mix packets, and small potted succulents wrapped in burlap. These thoughtful gifts capture the essence of the season.

Q4: What are some boho-inspired bridal attire ideas?

A: Boho-inspired bridal attire ideas include flowing dresses with lace details, flutter sleeves, or delicate embroidery. Complete the look with a flower crown or a loose, romantic updo adorned with dried flowers.

Q5: How can I create a whimsical photo booth for my outdoor fall wedding?

A: To create a whimsical photo booth, use a vintage door frame as a backdrop, provide props like boho-inspired hats and feathered accessories, and encourage guests to strike a pose. Add quirky signs for an extra touch of fun.

Q6: What is the best outdoor venue for a boho fall wedding?

A: The best outdoor venues for a boho fall wedding include gardens, vineyards, and rustic barns. These settings provide a natural backdrop that complements the bohemian aesthetic.

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