Chalk Couture has so many great options to create unique projects with individual letter stencils / transfers and small stencil numbers. These 2 inch letter stencils font set allows you to personalize any project. I’m not going to lie. It can be a little intimidating to work with individual letter stencils.  I’m going to share a few tricks on how to stencil with individual letters, get the letter craft stencils lined up and how to space stencil letters evenly. 

I had a custom order request to create a project with the name and date of a wedding. I’ll share pictures of the project but I’m not going to share the full project to protect the names of the wedding party. 

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Chalk Couture Stencil Supplies

The biggest tip is Chalk Couture placement tape is your friend. I highly recommend the tape from Chalk Couture. I used some tape I purchased at Dollar Tree. It didn’t work because it was too waxy for the chalk paste to stay on. It came right up and didn’t leave the mark I needed. ( I’ll talk about the mark in a second. ) 

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How To Stencil With Individual Letters

Steps On How To Use Letter Stencils

Okay, Now let’s walk through some tips to start your project the Chalk Couture recommended way.

  1. Prep your surface for the chalk paste. I used a mirror so it just needed to be cleaned well. 
  2. Cut each letter and number stencil out of the font stencil set so you can mix and match them to make words.
  3. Practice run…Figure out the layout for the words. Will it be on several lines or just one? Start off making the word by grouping the stencils together to see how much space they will take up. This is just to test. No Chalk Paste!
  4. How to line up letter stencils?
    • 1/2 Circle Marker Points – Lay 2 rows of placement tape down in a straight line. One at the top of the letter and one at the bottom. Do you see the ½ circle marker points at the top and bottom of the stencil fonts? The tape will need to be directly under the circle markers.
  5. How to space stencil letters evenly?
    • The second item you will use to align the fonts. The 1/2 circles leave a mark so it can be matched up with the next stencil font.
      • “Aww… yes, Chalk Couture did think of everything.” Thankfully, we have in-house designers who actually use our products so they make it easy for everyone. 😉 
    • Back to the subject at hand. The goal is to place the tape under the ½ circle markers.  The placement tape helps to easily A) align your letters and B) remove the “circle marks”.
How to use stencil letters
  1. When stenciling words, start by centering the middle stencil letter and work your way out on both sides. With each letter simply line up the ½ circle mark from the previous letter. 
  2. Use the fuzzing cloth to help dry the letter stencils in between uses and washes.
    • Confession time, I did this project with three broken fingers and it was a challenge. I didn’t factor that in when I said “yes”, to the project. haha..
    • Since these are reusable adhesive stencils, I wanted each font to dry well before I added the next. I would add a font, wash the stencil with water, dry it with the fuzzing cloth, and do the next letter. Use the non-fuzzy side of the cloth to help dry the Chalk Couture stencil / transfers faster. You can also wash each font with just a Lysol wipe
  1. Once you have completed your word, simply remove the placement tape and the stenciled letters should line up. 

Now, you can always just eyeball without using the ½ circle marks as I did with the number stencils. I did use the placement tape and eyeballed the spacing for the stenciled numbers. Both ways work so play around with it and have fun. 

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Chalk Couture letter stencils are a great tool when you need to create a personalized DIY craft gift for a birthday celebration, wedding, etc. Once you get the hang of how to use stencil letters you’ll enjoy your personalized letter stenciling craft projects even more!

I hope this gives you a great start to your project. I would love to see your design over on my Facebook page! Just drop a picture in one of the posts.

Shop Chalk Couture Letter Stencils

Create A wedding sign with reuseable alphabet stencils for crafting.

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