Wood Mardi Gras Door Hangers For Front Porch Decorations

Y’all !! It’s Mardi Gras season !! I’ve had a few people ask me if Chalk Couture has anything specific for Mardi Gras Door decorations and sadly they don’t. …. No Worries..  I went on a search for some and found some really cute Mardi Gras door decoration ideas. They’ll probably be the best mardi gras wooden door hangers in the neighborhood especially after you get done putting your extra touch on them.  We all know Mardi Gras is a Southern Holiday that can’t be missed !! Before we talk about the Mardi Gras welcome signs for your front porch… I’m going down memory lane ……

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My First Mardi Gras Parade and Ball…..

My ride to the Mardi Gras Ball after the Parade.

Oh, No…. memories are flooding back of my first Mardi Gras Ball…. Have you been to one? 

Every time I think of Mardi Gras, it brings me back to my first Mardi Gras Ball. When I became an empty nester, I had the pleasure of running away to FL for about ½ year !! Yea, I ran away!! LOL … I had a temporary vacation home in the Gulf Shores area which is close to Mobile, AL. 

2017 Mardi Gras Parade

Now, Mobile, AL folks will tell you Mardi Gras actually started there. Anyway, the important part is they like to celebrate Mardi Gras just as much as New Orleans, LA. They live for this time of year!! They let people off work as if it were a national holiday.

Within a week of running away to my new empty nest, I got asked to a Mardi Gras Ball. YIKES!! I was so excited and nervous about getting everything ready in time!! I went dress shopping, had it altered, and shopped for the perfect shoes and all the accessories to match. The big night came and my date took me out to a nice dinner. Then we watched the big parade. They throw moon pies in the parade along with the traditional Mardi Gras beads!! I’ve never seen anything like it!!  Afterward, we got dressed and a limo picked us up for the Mardi Gras Ball…..

2017 Traditional Mardi Gras Beads
Traditional Mardi Gras Beads

  Y’all….. Although this was many moons ago. I still get the same cheesy smile every time I think of it.… I felt like a princess! 🙂 

Guys!! This place was huge!! Everyone was dressed up in their ball dresses and tuxedos and partied the night away. There were 5 live bands, all you could eat and drink, and dance till your feet couldn’t take one more step! It was such a magical night!! 

If you have never been to a Mardi Gras Ball or Parade!… Put it on your bucket list. Spend the money and go!! It will provide memories of a lifetime!! You Deserve It!! Yes, it’s for the young and old. Actually, Mardi Gras is ageless!! 

The Colors Of Mardi Gras Meaning

Alright let’s get back to decorating that front porch for Mardi Gras.

Do you know what the colors of Mardi Gras mean? It’s important to understand the meaning of colors and what they represent before you bring them into your home.

Mardi Gras is represented by three main colors purple, green, and gold, which are the traditional colors of Mardi Gras. They have become synonymous with the joy and revelry of this vibrant celebration. Let’s dive into each one individually. 

Purple equals justice.

It symbolizes the values of fairness, integrity, and upholding what is right. It’s a reminder for everyone to treat each other with respect and equality during the festive celebrations.

Green equals faith.

It represents hope, renewal, and the belief in a brighter future. Green reminds us to keep our spirits high and maintain faith in ourselves and others as we enjoy Mardi Gras season. 

Gold equals power.

It embodies wealth, success, and prosperity. This is to remind us to embrace our own strength during this celebration time. 

Who knew that Mardi Gras was more than just one big long party? LOL

So, the next time you see these colors during Mardi Gras, remember the meanings behind them and let them enhance your experience! Let’s embrace the spirit of Mardi Gras and have a fantastic time celebrating together!

Let’s start the celebration with its wonderful meaning at our very own front door…

Mardi Gras Door Hangers For Front Door …

Sorry, I completely got off track there.. But I found some great Mardi Gras wooden door hangers and even this king cake door hanger for your Mardi Gras porch decorations!!

Damon over at Deco Exchange came up with adorable Done For You Door Hangers for Mardi Gras door decoration ideas. He’s from Louisiana and knows all about Mardi Gras Decor for front porch – Southern style! Here are some of my favs!! 

Shop Mardi Gras Welcome Signs For Front Door Decor

Now,If you’re in the south you’ll need to grab some matching Mardi Gras ribbon to add a bow of course!!  If you’re not in the south a bow is optional. 🙂 LOL

Need help creating a bow? Here’s an easy bow making tutorial!

Y’all!! What’s your favorite Mardi Gras Tradition or parade? Let me know in the comments!

Now get to decorating for Mardi Gras and I want to see the fantastic Mardi Gras Front Door Decor!!

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