Decorating for the holiday season is a joyful tradition that brings warmth and cheer to your home. If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your Christmas decor with Dollar Tree sign makeover ideas for adults, why not try making oversize ornaments for Christmas tree using affordable Dollar Tree signs? This creative DIY project not only adds a personal flair to your holiday decorations but also lets you indulge in a fun crafting activity with family and friends. In this step-by-step guide, let’s learn how to make oversize Christmas ornaments using Dollar Tree items and DIY craft stencils for adults. So, grab your crafting supplies and let’s get started!

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Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Signs
Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Signs

Materials You’ll Need Dollar Tree DIY Oversized Christmas Ornaments

Step-by-Step Guide How To Use Stencil For Oversized Christmas Ornaments

Prepare Your Dollar Tree Sign Surface: 

Ensure that your chosen surface, whether it’s a Dollar Tree sign, chalkboard, wood, glass, or any other material, is clean and free from dust and debris. This will help the transfers adhere properly. 

Paint it. You can use chalk paint, Sherwin Williams paint, acrylic paint, and even watered-down Chalk Couture chalk paste.

Let it Dry!!

Tip: Spray a spritz of water and use a Chalk Couture scraper to remove the glitter from the Dollar Tree sign 

Dollar Tree sign makeover ideas for Christmas
Dollar Tree sign makeover ideas for Christmas

First Design Your DIY Tree Farm Sign Christmas Decor

First, decide how you will use the stencil to make the oversized Christmas ornament using a Dollar Tree sign. I used 2 designs from the Vintage truck winter addon stencil set to create a tree farm sign Christmas decor for tree. 

Apply and Remove the First Winter Design: 

Apply the first stencil to the clean and dry surface. Use the squeegee to apply the Chalkology green paste over the Winter stencil. Ensure that all the openings in the design are filled with paste and remove any excess. Gently lift the the transfer from the surface, revealing the first layer of your design. Be careful not to smudge the paste as you remove the transfer.

Let the First Layer Dry:

Allow the first layer of Chalkology paste to dry completely before proceeding to the next step. This will prevent smudging when you apply the second layer.

Stencil & Repeat 

Follow the above steps until you have finished your design! (View DIY large Christmas ornaments youtube video below to see how I completed the project.)


Add Finishing Touches: If desired, you can add additional embellishments, colors, or details using Chalkology paste, ribbon, paper to enhance the overall look of your design.

How To Make Oversized Christmas Ornaments With Dollar Tree Items Youtube Online Tutorial

Clean Your DIY Dollar Tree Large Christmas Ornaments Supplies

Remember to clean your Chalk Couture transfers and squeegee immediately after use to prolong their life and maintain their quality for future projects. Simply run the transfers and squeegee under water until the chalk paste is removed. 

Dollar Tree DIY Oversized Christmas Ornaments
Dollar Tree DIY Oversized Christmas Ornaments

Creating DIY oversized Christmas ornaments using Dollar Tree items is a great way to infuse your holiday decor with a personal touch. This budget-friendly DIY Christmas crafts using dollar tree items allows you to unleash your creativity and craft unique DIY Christmas decorations for the perfect Dollar Tree sign makeover ideas for adults that will stand out in any setting. By following these step-by-step instructions, how to make oversized Christmas ornaments with dollar tree items. You’ll be able to make eye-catching oversized ornaments for Christmas tree that are sure to become cherished pieces of your holiday traditions. So, gather your supplies, set aside some crafting time, and get ready to showcase your artistic skills this holiday season with the perfect DIY Dollar Tree large Christmas ornaments.

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