Chalk Couture is a popular crafting and DIY company that specializes in creating beautiful home decor using chalk paste and transfers/stencils. If you’re interested in getting started with Chalk Couture, here are some steps to help you begin:

Are you ready to find out more about Chalk Couture? Is it right for you? 

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Option 1 – DIY Craft Starter Kit

Baby Steps …. Dip your toe in… 

You’re thinking…

  • This looks like fun!
  • Mandee makes it look so easy! 
  • I’m just not much of a crafter. 
  • I do think my kids would really like it. 
  • It doesn’t look like it would be too messy.
  • I would like to try it. 

I recommend starting with our Chalk Couture starter kits. It is a great way to try Chalk Couture products with no commitments, comes with everything you need in one click, and you save 20% off the DIY Craft project. There are several DIY Craft Starter kits to choose from that can be done from the comfort of your home.

Option 2 – Chalk Couture Club Monthly Subscription

Ready To Swim stage …

You’re thinking…

  • I can make this.
  • It seems like something I would like to have in my life. 
  • I’m a crafter at heart and this would be fun.
  • I’m still a little nervous but I’m ready! 

Okay, now you’ve checked the water. It feels nice, warm, and playful and you’re ready to take a swim.  I would suggest our monthly DIY Craft Club Subscription.  It comes to your home every month for you to create a unique craft project. It comes with the following supplies and you provide the surface.

  • One exclusive B-sized Transfer (8 ½”x11”).
  • Three coordinating Chalkology™ Paste Singles.
  • Video and written how-to instructions to make a unique finished project.

Here are a few of the benefits

  • Free Delivery of monthly Club orders in the US & Canada.
  • Flat-rate shipping ($4.95) on additional Chalk Site orders.
  • Access to private sales and special deals all year long.

Then you’re free to purchase all the items you want at a regular retail price anytime on my online craft store at regular price.

Option 3 – Chalk Couture Designer

Dive In…

You’re thinking…

  • Where has this been all my life?
  • I’ve been looking for this. 
  • My livelihood is being a crafter.
  • I just really enjoy making crafts for myself, my family, and my friends. 
  • I enjoy showing others how to craft.
  • I get asked all the time by my friends and family to show them how to craft or make crafts for them.
  • I’m so excited to be a part of this!
  • OH, this would make my life so much easier! 
  • I may even be obsessed. 

I would suggest you become a Chalk Couture designer and order the Chalk Couture designer kit. You can now join for $9.99 US / FREE CA activation fee. Optional purchase a Perks Pack Kit or buy just the products you want. Here are the benefits of joining Chalk Couture:

  • Buy Crafts At Wholesale – Save 40% on all your retail purchases.
  • Earn up to 25% on all your Chalk Couture Site website sales.
  • Build and grow your Team to achieve your dream.
  • Strive for product credit, bonuses, and incentives!

You can become a Chalk Couture designer and be a hobbyist or business.  It’s a choice you make and can change at any time. 

The only requirements to maintain your Chalk Couture designership is…

  •  Purchase or sale $167 US/ $216 CAD retail each calendar quarter (= $100 US wholesale.)
  • $19 a month which includes
    • Website 
    • Monthly Club Couture (no paste is included)
    • Training & Marketing Collateral 

There are NO requirements to build a team or sell to the public. You decide what’s best for you. 

I love that there are so many options. Here is what I did and would still do the same today. I started out with the purchase of the monthly DIY Craft Club Subscription plus the Starter Kit. Then I purchased the $99 Chalk Couture designership box. I felt they had designed the box so well and provided me with a sample of the products to become familiar with them before I started selling to my customers. 

Getting started with Chalk Couture is easy and fun. Choose a starter kit, practice using the products, and start creating beautiful home decor items. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a Chalk Couture designer, there’s something for everyone in this creative and rewarding craft.

I hope this helps and if you still have questions please feel free to email me.


Q: How much do you have to sell to stay active with Chalk Couture?

To stay active with Chalk Couture you need to purchase or sell $100 US for each quarter of the year. Plus, you will pay $20 a month which includes your customer website and chalk couture club monthly subscription.

Q: Can you sell Chalk Couture at a store?

Chalk Couture supplies can not be sold in stores. It is only available on Chalk Couture’s online craft store or can be purchased directly through a Chalk Couture designer like myself.

Q: What Happens If I don’t meet the quarterly requirements?

No, worries your subscription will simply be moved down to Chalk Couture Club monthly subscriber.

Q: How Do I Cancel My Chalk Couture Designer Subscription?

If your customer chooses to cancel their enrollment, they can do so by logging in to their Club Couture account on your website. From there, under their account settings, they can click “Club Couture”. At the bottom of the page, if they have completed their 3-month commitment, there will be a “Cancel Subscription” button. If they have not completed their 3-month commitment, this option will not appear until the third charge is processed.

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