Living with depression and anxiety can be challenging, and supporting a loved one who experiences these conditions is equally important. While professional help is crucial, a thoughtful gift for someone depressed can also provide comfort, encouragement, and a reminder that they’re not alone. Let’s explore a variety of gifts for someone with depression and anxiety. These ideas are tailored specifically for individuals facing depression and anxiety. Whether it’s a small token of care or a meaningful gesture, these gifts for anxiety can help uplift their spirits and promote self-care.

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Gifts For Someone With Depression And Anxiety
Gifts For Someone With Depression And Anxiety

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Inspirational Books For Depression And Anxiety

Books have the power to inspire, offer guidance, and provide comfort during difficult times. Consider gifting books about depression and anxiety that focus on mental health, self-help, and personal growth. Some of the best books for depression and anxiety options include 

These books can offer valuable insights and strategies to help with anxiety and depression.

Diffusing Essential Oils For Anxiety and Depression

Aromatherapy has long been recognized for its calming and mood-enhancing properties. Essential oil roller blend for anxiety and depression such as lavender would be great for a busy friend. Aromatherapy essential oils for depression and anxiety are chamomile, wild orange and bergamot can all help reduce stress and anxiety. Consider gifting a diffuser along with a set of essential oils to create a soothing environment for relaxation and mindfulness. They’re easy to use and have so many benefits.

My favorite for anxiety would be Wild Orange essential oil.  It can be diffused, or simply inhale the aroma directly to help with anxiety. Learn more about the different uses

Comforting Items for Anxiety and Depression

Soft and comforting items for depression gifts can provide a sense of security and comfort. A plush blanket, cozy socks, or a weighted blanket are the perfect comfort items for depression and can offer warmth and relaxation. Opt for materials that are soft to the touch, such as fleece or organic cotton, to enhance the sensory experience when considering gifts for someone with anxiety and depression.

Journal or Gratitude Diary for Anxiety and Depression

Encourage self-reflection and emotional release by gifting an affirmations journal, gratitude diary, or Dream Shadow Journal. Writing can be a therapeutic outlet for individuals with depression and anxiety. Choose a journal with prompts or inspirational quotes to guide their thoughts and facilitate a positive mindset.

Mindfulness and Meditation Tools

Practicing mindfulness and meditation can significantly reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Consider gifting items such as yoga classes,  meditation cushions, guided meditation CDs or apps, or a subscription to a mindfulness course or app. These tools can help your loved one cultivate a regular mindfulness practice.

Craft Therapy For Depression

Dr. Kelly Lambert describes our brains’ “Effort-driven reward circuit”.  She says that the use of our hands activates this part of our brain.  Our hands trigger our happy chemicals to be released in our brains. We are wired to move our hands in doing something productive such as crafting and gardening. The more we keep this reward circuit activated, the greater our sense of psychological well-being. Our hands activate a surprisingly large part of our brain for happiness. 

Learn more in the book “Lifting Depression” by Kelly Lambert

Art and Craft Supplies for Depression and Anxiety

Engaging in artistic activities for craft therapy for depression can provide a creative outlet and serve as a form of self-expression. Consider gifting art supplies such as Chalk Couture starter kits , Woobles Crochet Kit or knitting kits for under $25. These activities can help distract from negative thoughts and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Art and Craft Supplies for Depression and Anxiety
Art and Craft Supplies for Depression and Anxiety

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Plant Life for Depression and Anxiety

Bringing nature indoors can have a positive impact on mental well-being. Consider gifting low-maintenance houseplants, such as succulents or peace lilies, which can improve air quality and create a calming atmosphere. Taking care of plants can also provide a sense of responsibility and purpose.

Encouraging Affirmation For Someone With Anxiety and Depression

Remind your loved one of their worth and strength by gifting items with encouraging affirmations. This could include DIY inspirational quotes wall art, mugs, or wearable accessories with empowering messages. Surrounding themselves with positive reminders can boost their self-esteem and overall outlook.

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Puzzle Books For Depression and Anxiety

 It’s PUZZLE Books!! Puzzle books offer a unique and engaging way to distract the mind, reduce stress, and promote mental well-being. Puzzle books offer therapeutic benefits for individuals with depression and anxiety. They provide a mental distraction, diverting attention from negative thoughts and offering a break from distress. Solving puzzles promotes relaxation and reduces stress by requiring concentration. It stimulates cognitive functions such as memory, problem-solving, and logical reasoning, enhancing mental agility. Completing puzzles provides a sense of accomplishment, boosting self-esteem and fostering a positive mindset. Engaging in puzzles also promotes mindfulness and focus, allowing individuals to be fully present in the moment and redirect their attention from anxious feelings.

Some popular options include

  1. Sudoku
    1. Sudoku
    2. Samurai Sudoku Puzzle 
    3. Even for Kids Sudoku Puzzle Books 
    4. Symbol Sudoku Puzzle book
  2. Kids Activity Books
  3. Word Search Puzzles
  4. Crossword Puzzles
  5. Adult Coloring Book
  6. Mazes
  7. Logic Puzzles
  8. Brain Teasers

Personalized Gifts for a Friend with Depression and Anxiety

Lastly, consider personalized gifts that show thoughtfulness and care. It could be a customized piece of jewelry, a heartfelt letter, or a photo album filled with cherished memories. Personalized gifts to help with depression demonstrate your understanding of their journey and provide a tangible reminder of your support.

When choosing gifts for someone with depression and anxiety, the key is to prioritize their well-being and offer support in their journey. Thoughtful and meaningful gifts to help with depression can make a significant difference by providing comfort, inspiration, and a sense of connection. Remember to tailor the gifts to their interests and preferences, and above all, let them know they are valued and loved. By choosing from this diverse range of gift ideas, you can brighten their day and contribute to their path of healing and self-discovery.

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What If My Depressed Friend Doesn’t Like The Gifts I Give?

If your depressed friend doesn’t like the gifts you give, it’s important not to take it personally or feel discouraged. Depression can affect one’s ability to experience joy or interest in activities, including receiving gifts. Instead of focusing on the immediate reaction, remember that your intention was to show support and care.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to show understanding, empathy, and unconditional support for your friend. While gifts to help with depression can be meaningful, it’s the support and connection that truly matter in helping someone navigate through their depression. Don’t expect an immediate reaction but rather an acknowledgment months later. Give them time to process it and understand there were no strings attached or expectations.

Let this gift be a simple statement of “I may not understand but I do care for you. My hope is for you to feel like experiencing joy again when you’re ready in whatever way you see that happening. I am here!”

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