Goodness, I can’t even remember where I found this darling vintage drum table. I’ve picked up so many good pieces in my lifetime. I’m sure I picked it up off Facebook Marketplace. You can get some good deals especially if you’re in an area with people who are moving all the time. I honestly do debate on painting my furniture pieces or leaving them in natural wood tones. I have a mix of paint and wood pieces in my home that blend well together. As you can see this one had a big burn spot on it right in front. I was a smidge worried about getting it covered up with just paint and no sanding. I was fairly confident that my Annie Sloan chalk paint (ASCP) would do the trick with basically no prep work.

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Now to decide on the color.. Do I go a safe route so it works anywhere in my home or do I go with a pop of fun colors?? Well, as you’ll see I went with a pop of fun colors to go in my home office workspace. I had so much fun turning this traditional piece into something that livens up my space. I went with Annie Sloan Florence color. I would certainly say this is a teal color. The great thing about Annie Sloan is you can take one color and change it by just adding dark wax. Check out how I created a dark green furniture chalk paint using Annie Sloan Florence.

Gather up the supplies

  • Furniture piece
  • Lysol wipes
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
  • Paint Brush – (For smaller pieces just grab a sponge brush from Dollar Tree)
  • Annie Sloan Clear Wax or any clear furniture wax. –
  • Wax Brush – or cloth
  • Cloth ( Old T-Shirt)

Step 1: Prep the surface

Use the Lysol wipes to wipe down the furniture piece. I didn’t need to do any repairs to the burn spot due to it not peeling. I was worried that over time the burn spot would eventually show through the paint. It’s been several years now and it still looks great!!

If the furniture needs more cleaning, I would recommend using TSP heavy-duty cleaner to clean it up.  Just follow the directions on the box to create the cleaner and go over the piece.

Step 2: Paint

Simply give it two coats of the ASCP florence chalk paint.

Optional you may find you only need 1.5 coats of chalk paint. For this technique, simply paint the first layer with a regular coat of chalk paint. Let it dry. The next coat mix ½ chalk paint and ½ water in a different container and use that combination for the second coat of paint. This might be something you experiment with and grow into as a painter.  Let the second coat dry. 

Step 3: Protect the surface

Apply the Annie Sloan clear furniture wax. Take a brush or a cloth to apply the wax to the dried chalk paint. Just dip brush / cloth into the hard wax and ‘smear’ it on the finish. Then take a clean cloth and rub it in. At first you will notice the wax seems a bit sticky. You want to rub the wax in until it glides smoothly. You will feel the difference. You want to repeat this process for the whole piece. Applying the clear wax will not change the color of your piece. It will just protect the finish and your hard work. 

Step 4:

Now enjoy your hard work!! You deserve it!! I would love for you to post a picture of the piece on my Facebook page.. Just pick a recent post and show it off!! 

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Please note that paint colours will vary depending on screen settings. We cannot guarantee that paint colours will exactly match the colour you see on screen.  I would highly recommend testing this method on a scrape wood first.

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