Chalk Couture Patriotic DIY Wood Sign

Are you looking to add a touch of patriotism to your front door decor? A round DIY wood sign for your front door is a perfect way to do just that! Not only can it serve as a symbol of your love for your country, but it can also be used for everyday decor. We will guide you through the process of creating your own patriotic round wood sign for your front door.

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Thanks for dropping in Y’all! I created this for a special craft swap I participated in with Junque To Jewels to help our customers come up with 4th of July-themed home decor ideas! We took over the DIY crafting Facebook feed and each of us created a July 4th craft. I shared the virtual stage with so many talented DIY crafters. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I hope you enjoy it!

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Chalk Couture patriotic wood sign for front porch decor Gwyns Foxy Nest

Materials Needed: 

  1. Chalk Couture Supplies
  2. Dollar Tree Supplies
    • Rope to attach to the back
  3. Amazon Supplies
  4. Wal-Mart Supplies
    • Paint colors to match your holiday decor.
      1. Note: I grabbed some Wal-Mart paint from the crafter’s aisle. The blue is actually more of a purple-blue and I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s just all they had left at the time.

1. Choose Your Chalk Couture Patriotic Transfer Design

First, you will need to decide on the Chalk Couture Transfer design for your round wood sign. A classic patriotic design might include the American flag, a bald eagle, or a phrase like “Land of the Free” or “Home of the Brave”. 

I decided to make my Patriotic sign using the word “Home” so I could use it for a few more months without getting the stink eye from my neighbors because I didn’t change out my holiday decor. LOL… Do you change out your decor for each season?  

2. Sand and Paint the Wood

Once your materials are ready, sand the wood to ensure a smooth surface and remove the dust. Then, paint the wood with 1-2 coats of paint.  This will allow your design to stand out and look crisp and clean. Allow the paint to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

3. Wax The Surface

After the paint is completely dry wax the painted surface with our Chalk Couture Surface wax. Apply a small amount of wax to the wax applicator and rub it on top of the paint. It will feel sticky at first. Just keep rubbing it all over the surface until the sticky goes away and it turns into a smooth surface.

4. Add Your Design

Using your Chalk Couture stencil, add your design to the wood with Chalk Couture paste and a squeegee. Simply place the Chalk Couture transfer / stencil onto the wood. Add a little bit of Chalk Couture paste to your squeegee and smear it all over the design. Once it’s completely covered remove the Chalk Couture patriotic stencil and allow it to dry 

5. Add Embellishments

If desired, you can add embellishments to your patriotic round wood sign to make it stand out even more. Some ideas for embellishments include stars, glitter, ribbon, or even a small wooden plaque with a patriotic phrase. Be creative and have fun with it!

6. Add The Back Hanger

Cut a piece of rope about the width of the wood round. Now decide if you want the rope to be showing while hanging or hidden behind the hanger when you hang it. Then set it in place using a staple gun. 

7. Seal the Sign

Finally, once your design is complete and any embellishments have been added, seal the sign with a clear acrylic sealer. This will protect the paint and ensure that your sign lasts for years to come. Allow the sealer to dry completely before hanging your sign.

Still not sure what step to take? No worries, you can watch the full DIY Craft Tutorial and I walk you through the process step-by-step.

Online Youtube Tutorial

Are you looking for an easy bow tutorial? View the video at the 16:14 mark to start. I would love to see your bow creations. I love seeing all the different ribbon selections.

Creating a patriotic round wood sign for your front door is a fun and easy way to add a touch of patriotism to your home decor. With just a few materials and a little bit of creativity, you can create a sign that not only showcases your love for your country but can also be used for everyday decor. So go ahead and get started on your own round wood sign today!

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How does Chalk Couture transfer work?

Chalk Couture transfer comes as a predesigned adhesive stencil, called transfers, to create custom designs on a variety of surfaces. The Chalk Couture stencil is like a screen print and that is how crafters are able to get a clean and crisp design. Once you adhere the stencil to the surface of your choice, use a squeegee to smear the Chalk Couture paste over the design. Once the design is covered in chalk paste it is removed to reveal the newly created design. Then you simply wash the stencil using cold water to reuse it up to a dozen times.

What are Chalk Couture transfers made out of?

The Chalk Couture transfers are made of a fabric that makes it flexible to use on almost any surface.

Is Chalk Couture like screen printing?

Yes, it is very similar and how Chalk Couture craft projects get clean and crisp designs. Chalk Couture transfers are a fabric material and have a screen print within the designs.

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