Making your house a home is always a specialty of mine. I love designing a home that’s warm and inviting. When guests walk in they feel comfortable being with you. What makes your house a home? Is it the little details, the ‘mini’ designs placed throughout, a bit of your personality in color and designs? Would you agree? Well, it’s no wonder I’m in love with all the ways you can use the Chalk Couture House Cut outs. These cute mini houses are the perfect way to add any vignette. Um… What is a vignette? It’s a fancy word for when you group a variety of items together that tells a story about you and your home. 

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Chalk Couture has pre-cut wooden House cutouts that are 5” X 7” in size and conveniently painted white makes creating so much easier. All the work is done for you. All you have to do is have fun!! Pair it with our pattern designs and ta-da the magic begins.

  1. First up, Let’s start with using the House pattern designs on a reusable chalkboard. How to use the House pattern silk screen transfer / stencil on a  Board & Pillar Stand (5½” x 7½”) with ‘Love makes our house a home’ design.

2. Secondly, Let’s keep going with using the House pattern silk screen transfer / stencil on a  Board & Pillar Stand (5½” x 7½”) with the ‘Family’ design.

3. Of course, How to use the wooden house cutouts with the House pattern silk screen transfer / stencil.

4. Now let’s add some Mod Podge into the mix using a Dollar Tree napkin and the House cutouts. Super easy and such a variety to choose from.

5. Here’s a great vignette using the wooden house pattern and house cutouts on an open shelving unit for everyday decor.

Bonus: For the holiday season create your very own variation of the gingerbread house silk screen transfer / stencil paired with the house cutouts.

Here’s a list of all of our House designs. Have questions? Pop over to my Facebook page and send me a quick message. Let me know how I can help.

All supplies can be found in my online store which ships straight to your front door in the US and Canada. 

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