Chalk Couture digital files refer to digital designs used in Chalk Couture projects. Chalk Couture is a company that specializes in creating reusable adhesive silkscreen stencils and chalk paste, which allow you to easily create beautiful high-end and customizable DIY home decor and craft projects. They now offer coordinating digital files to match the Chalk Couture stencil.

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chalk couture digital files
chalk couture digital files

The digital files for Chalk Couture transfers typically come in the form of downloadable designs files (DXF, SVG, EPS, and PNG) that can be used with electronic cutting machines like Cricut, Silhouette and Glowforge. These machines can then cut the coordinate designs to enhance your DIY craft ideas using Chalk Couture’s reusable adhesive transfers (Also, known as stencils). Once the stencil is applied to the cutout surface, you can use chalk paste to fill in the design and create stunning, professional-looking decorative home decor pieces all from the comfort of your home.

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Do the SVG files have a commercial license?

Chalk Couture digital files have limited commercial licensing that covers the sale of up to 1,000 physical products created with Chalk Couture digital assets only.

Do all my Chalk Couture transfers automatically come with a digital file?

No, the Chalk Couture digital file do not automatically come with each Chalk Couture Transfer. You will need to purchase it.

How do I purchase Chalk Couture digital file?

Look for the product listing “Digital Bundle” or “Digital Downloads” for each Chalk Couture transfer.

What are the Chalk Couture digital files used for?

The digital files allow you to create a “cutout” of the matching Chalk Couture stencil to enhance your Chalk Couture craft projects.

Where can I find Chalk Couture digital files?

Chalk Couture digital files can be found on the Chalk Couture online craft store website.

Do you need a cutting machine to use the Chalk Couture digital files?

No, you can simply print the .png file out and cut the image with your hand scissors. This will depend on how intricate the design, the size of the design and the material you use as to whether it will look professional.

Once I purchase the digital file for Chalk Couture transfer. Where do I access the files?

Your purchased Chalk Couture digital files will be available when you log into your Chalk Couture account using the same email you used when purchasing.

Who should I contact if I have probably with Chalk Couture digital file?

Contact Chalk Couture support when you need help with the digital files for Chalk Couture transfers.

Can I just use the Chalk Couture wood cutouts instead of the Chalk Couture digital files?

Yes, you can use the premade Chalk Couture wood cutouts instead of the Chalk Couture digital files. The digital files for Chalk Couture transfers are provided for people who already have a cutting machine and want to make their own cutouts at home.

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