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Here are 5 ways to work your chalk couture business that I talked about in the above video.

—– Social Media —–

  • 1. Becoming an independent Chalk Couture designer can be a fun and exciting way to share a home-based business. Sharing your love for a product via social media is an ever-growing popular way to produce income. Chalk Couture allows you to have a social media-based business on your own time. For some, this might sound terrifying .. Right? It’s certainly something that takes you out of your comfort zone. The good news is we have a wonderful support group that encourages each other at their own pace. 

—– Hobbyist —–

  • 2. No Selling !! Hobbyists receive all the same wholesale benefits as a Chalk Couture independent designer. They just decide to create beautiful things for themselves and family without having to worry about running a business. 

—– Sell Finished Handmade Items —–

  • 3. Sell the finished products you make using Chalk Couture products. Are you more comfortable just selling the items you make without social media? That’s a great way to make an income with Chalk Couture. All of the 250+ designs have a commercial license. We have our own ‘in-house’ graphic designers that produce our unique designs. They change out the designs approximately every 3 months. Our products will not be sold in stores. You can create items to sell on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon Handmade, local antique malls, etc.. 

—– Craft Parties —–

  • 4. Are you more of a party gal? Like to connect with your community? Hosting DIY craft parties would be a great fit for your business. Creating simple make & take, wine & DIY parties or even virtual parties would also be a great way to work a Chalk Couture business. Our products are simple and fun to use. The look on customers’ faces, once they complete a project, is priceless. They just feel so accomplished designing something they actually like. 

—– Craft Shows & Expo Events —–

  • 5. Craft shows and expo events can be worked in two ways. You can sell Chalk Couture products and finished handmade items. This is a great way to connect with a larger crowd of like-minded people. The best way to demo the product to a large audience and let them try it first hand. 

Once you become an independent Chalk Couture designer. You’ll receive craft supplies at wholesale pricing of 40% off all products. All products are shipped straight to your door in US and Canada. Become A Chalk Couture Designer Today.

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